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Young, fresh, modern with a touch of classic, and a bit of mystery behind her sparkling eyes, that is the lasting impression a Moher woman exudes. Our team at Moher has curated only the best styles from leading fashion brands in the industry. Fashion that not only fits the style of the Moher woman but are available at very affordable prices. You can look like you spent a fortune without anyone knowing your secret!

What is a Kurti? Pronounced {Koor – thi} Originally the Kurti was a part of mens attire in the Eastern world. Referred to as a Kurta {koor – tha} when worn by a man. It quickly was adapted into a more feminine, collarless tunic top for fashion forward women. You can find this beautiful style of shirt in countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The onset of the flower child of the late 60’s and 70’s brought this beautiful ethnic wear into the mainstream. Today, this fashion has become an iconic statement piece all over the western world as well.

How to style your Kurti? Kurtis are a great addition to your wardrobe. Mix and match different variations of our beautiful ethnic Kurtis. Try it with jeans for a casual look or add a fabulous clutch purse and your favorite heels to bring the level of glam, sky high! Why not add a longer kurti to a pair of leggings on an easy Sunday afternoon or even wear them with trousers for a work look. Dressed up or dressed down, our Kurtis will become a classic and essential part of your wardrobe. Kurtis are made in many variations of fabrics. From cotton to silk. They provide a cool, comfortable and breezy option for women who truly understand looking beautiful while feeling amazing in the clothes they wear.

Dresses for Women Moher makes finding the perfect dress for every occasion a dream. No more nightmares about finding the right ensemble for the special night out or for the perfect Summer outing. We have your covered! From gorgeous cotton dresses with prints to lux fabrics with gold embossed designs, our ethnic dresses are gorgeous and fit beautifully. We have curated only the best for the Moher woman, and you have a discerning taste that we cater to. Chic and trendy styles with affordability at its core. Our dresses give a look of opulence without breaking the bank!

Tops for Girls Tunic tops are designed to be loose, flowing and flattering on any figure. They can be worn casually or jazzed up! At Moher, we curate the most sophisticated collections for you with high-quality craftsmanship and design. Our collection of tunic tops are made for comfort and beauty.

How to wear your Tunic top? Tunic tops are designed to be worn with whatever fashion statement you would like to create. Wear it with pants, a skirt, or your favorite leggings. Going to the beach? Wear our light and airy tunic styles as a beach cover-up to create your unique fashion statement.

Tunic tops are the perfect layering item for the changing seasons. This versatile top will make it easy to combine several pieces of clothing. It can be worn over a long sleeve shirt to create an entirely new look that is great for work or out on the town with friends. Is it getting chilly? Throw a tonic top under a fabulous sweater or jacket and create an entirely new fashion-forward look!

Available in a range of styles including floral, animal prints, and patterns, tunic tops add a splash of fun to any outfit.

Sarees for Women The word saree, Pronounced {Sa – ri} is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘sati’ which means ‘strip of cloth’. The origin of the saree can be traced back to its adoption by northern Indian dynasties as early as 2nd century B.C. The term saree (or sari) has been synonymous with elegance throughout the ages. Long, unlined, and elaborately woven, sarees are works of art. They instantly give a sense of refinement and style.

The sheer beauty of this piece is only paralleled by its versatility. Moher Fashion sarees can be worn in many different ways. Our sarees are available in various colors and designs to suit any occasion and fit your style perfectly. From the wedding guest to a casual outing, the saree is the most elegant fashion statement you can make. Our wide range of sarees makes them perfect for a family function, festival or simply a night out on the town.

Every saree is distinct, with elaborate, vibrant prints and subtle detailing. Synonymous with royalty, the sheer elegance of the saree that is worn by the Moher woman depicts the delicate femininity of true style.